8 Signs Of Depression That May Happen To You!

Signs Of Depression

Stress and depression become rampant health problems lately. High work demands and social problems of modern society encourages susceptible to stress and depression. Here are the common signs of depression we need to know, as reported by the Mayo Clinic. 1. Sad prolonged Sadness that you feel makes you always upset and wanted to cry. In fact, you also begin …

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4 Surprising Benefits Of Laughter !

Surprising Benefits Of Laughter

Laughter can be contagious, just like when you yawn, sneeze, or crying. Others might do the same thing with you experience. Laughter is very good for mental and physical health, because it is said to boost the immune system. Here let us peel about what are the benefits of laughter. 1. Relaxation Merileksasi can laugh throughout your body. Laughter can …

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7 Symptoms Of Depression That Should Be Known!

Symptoms Of Depression

Depression can adversely affect your mental and physical health. Depression can be said even trigger a heart attack or stroke. Before it’s too late, let’s identify the six signs of depression, as reported by 1. Anger and irritability You often feel anxious or depressed because of something? If you include people who are easily offended or upset, you may …

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Adolescents susceptible to social phobia, what is it?

Most teenagers generally felt nervous when dealing with some social situations, such as public speaking or working in groups. Adolescents who experience social phobia typically experience greater anxiety when faced with such a situation. What is social phobia? Social phobia is a fear that is unwarranted, intense, and constantly on an object, activity, or certain social situations, which is avoided …

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Mental Disorder That Can Trigger Suicide

Mental Disorder

Suicide is synonymous with psychiatric disorders. Many cases of psychiatric disorders that have attachments with suicidal ideation and suicide attempt. Psychiatrists in interviews with patients often ask for suicidal ideation either actively conducted (eg with the specific intent commit suicide attempt) or passive (doing something that is accelerating the severity of the disease, for example in patients with severe medical …

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4 Habits that can trigger stress

trigger stress

All people must have felt the stress in her life. Stress can be caused by many things, ranging from issues that really real until our own minds. Sometimes when there is no problem precisely ourselves habits that can lead to stress. Not many are aware that their habits have been stressful. This certainly can not be allowed, because it constantly …

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Levels Of Anxiety is Sign of Intelligent Brain

Levels Of Anxiety

Anxiety is often considered a bad thing. Indeed, anxiety can trigger mental problems that lead to stress and depression. Not only that, excessive anxiety can also cause physical problems such as insomnia, itching, and muscle tension. However, a recent study revealed that not all things about anxiety is a bad thing. In fact, anxiety is actually associated with a sharp …

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4 Facts Of Stress Rarely Known

Facts Of Stress

Often feel stressed? Do not worry, you are not alone. Many people who experience stress in his life. Of course, stress is not something foreign to most people. Some even feel the stress has become a part of their lives. Even so, there are still some things no one knows about stress. Here are some facts about the stress that …

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Work make mentally disturbed Without realizing it

mentally disturbed

In his life, has become an unwritten rule that humans must work. Because work will assist them in connecting life and be a reflection of existence itself. That is why not infrequently upon entering the working age, humans are pursuing this one. Working day and night without knowing the word holiday become common at this time. But as the saying …

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Mental Problems Increase The Risk Of Premature Death

Mental Problems

During this mental health is considered nothing more important than physical health. When in fact, mental health can also affect the physical state. In fact, one study found that mental health can affect the risk of death at a young age. Recent studies have revealed that people who have mental problems such as depression, chronic anxiety, and schizophrenia, tend to …

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