Jakarta Attacks

Jakarta Attacks: RAW SHOOT AND EXPLOSION BOM Hitting Jakarta the Capital of Indonesia Full Video Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks in the region Sarinah, Central Jakarta. Police of the Republic of Indonesia agrees that confession, calling Bahrun Naim as a brain attack killed seven people and wounded 31 others.

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Steve Harvey Announces The BIG MISTAKE Winner of Miss Universe 2015

Miss Universe 2015

The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant ends with arguably, the biggest tv fail of the year. Host Steve Harvey, instead of announcing Colombia as the first runner up, declares her as the winner and new Miss Universe. After several minutes, he returns to the stage to apologize and make things right. Awkwardness then ensues as some of the audience cheers while …

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Dog Became Famous Anchor News In Japan

Dog Became Famous Anchor News

Dog named Shiba Inu in Japan to be a star because he was dubbed the Internet’s best news anchor by TV viewers. Cute dog appeared in the advertisements Seven Bank with a similar style of television news reader. in advertising that he looks dressed neatly in a suit and tie green color. Inu was not shy in front of the …

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Karachi Heat Wave Kills More Than 600 People

Karachi Heat Wave

A scorching heat wave across Pakistan’s southern Sindh province has killed at least 622 people, authorities said Tuesday, as morgues overflowed with the dead and overwhelmed hospitals struggled to aid those clinging to life.

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The Bachelorette Featured “The Most Bizarre Date” in the show’s history

The Bachelorette

The dates on “The Bachelorette” are exponentially worse than the dates on “The Bachelor.” Last season, farmer Chris Soules got to crash weddings and have steamy makeouts in hot air balloons. This season, Bachelorette-with-unclear-job-title Kaitlyn Bristowe got trapped in a terrifying pitch-black room full of live snakes and had to watch a bunch of doofuses teach a sex-ed class to …

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Tragic Incident Old Man Crushed by a Giant Kite

Tragic Incident Old Man Crushed by a Giant Kite

Tragic incident occurred in the city Higashiomi, Japan last weekend. Men 73 years died crushed by a giant kite weighing more than 700kg that afflicts the crowd. Kite as wide as 13 meters was one of the main attractions of the festival in the city. In addition to seniors named Junichi Yoshii, four other spectators, including a child of 7 …

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Germanwings amateur video last second before falling discovered

Germanwings amateur video

A video of the last seconds before the plane crashed in the Alps Germanwings found. The video was reportedly filmed on mobile phones one of the ill-fated passengers. In the video there was a scream hysterically passengers Lord’s name in different languages. There are also clear sounds captain cockpit door banged previously been locked by the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. Reporting …

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Germanwings crash site seen of the plane monitors.

Germanwings jet crashed

Residents near the crash site cheap airline Germanwings 4U 9525 said she heard a loud noise before the incident. Business district villa in the Alps French fighter jets initially thought flashed to exercise. “After the loud noise, suddenly silent. We thought it was a jet fighter who often practice around here,” said Pierre Polizzi, Camper Vehicle owners Rioclar according to …

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Incredible moment 7-WEEK-OLD baby Could Talk

Incredible moment

Babies from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been able to give the word, although only “hello”. Though babies her age are generally only able to smile or cry. Action “magic” drama school teacher’s son, Toni McCann (36), was recorded on camera. “I am a person who likes to talk. Cillian has learned to communicate, but it really surprised me, how clearly …

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