American evidence discovered by the Chinese people, not Columbus

American evidence discovered by the Chinese people

Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, has long been known as a ‘discoverer’ of America. However, according to research by archaeologist named John Ruskamp, ​​American inventor Columbus but not the Chinese people. Based on the research of John Ruskamp, ​​the Chinese had explored America around 1,300 years BC. When compared with the arrival of Columbus in America in 1492, the Chinese about …

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Ice Age Will Refreeze The Earth in 2030

Refreeze The Earth in 2030

The National Astronomy conference held in early July, a professor named Valentina Zharkova express a research result is very surprising. He warns people when the ice age will return to freeze the Earth. Based on research Valentina, the ice age will occur around 2030 as a result of the chaotic cycle of the sun, the Daily Mail (10/07). Please note, …

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Found 1,572 Asteroids That Threaten Earth

Asteroids That Threaten Earth

The existence of the Earth in the solar system can not be separated from the celestial bodies in the vicinity, including asteroids orbiting in the galaxy with the sun as the center of this. Even Earth annually turns out always under threat of collision with a foreign object sort of asteroids. Previously reported if there is an asteroid that will …

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China Will Build Power Plant In Space

build power plant

Efforts to eliminate air pollution on Earth and solve the problem of energy crisis continues to run all over the world. One of the most horrendous idea comes from China are planning to build power plant in space. Reported by the Telegraph (30/3), Chinese scientists now reportedly considering building a solar power station of 36,000 kilometers which will be operated …

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Potential Devastating Earthquake Rocked California Within Next 30 Years

Potential Devastating Earthquake Rocked California Within Next 30 Years

Wearing a super computer, geophysical scientists from the USGS has uncovered a potential devastating earthquake that will shake one of the metropolitan cities in America, Los Angeles in California, USA. Scientists predict approximately thirty years, an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale will occur in the area of ​​Los Angeles, a city with a population of 3.9 million people. …

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NASA Discovers Ancient Sea on Mars

Ancient Sea on Mars

According to recent research NASA, Mars was once had oceans which cover 20 percent of its surface. The surface area of ​​the sea claimed NASA researchers even larger than the Arctic Ocean and has a depth of at least 137 meters. According to NASA researchers, Mars may once have been had the sea at about 4.3 billion years ago, which …

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Supermoon and total solar eclipse occurs simultaneously on 20 March

solar eclipse

In the upcoming March 20, Earth will be presented two astronomical events that supermoon and also a total solar eclipse in one day. Interestingly, both these phenomena which will be interconnected at the moment is going to fall equinox the sun where the sun would be right on the equator, so the point of time of day and night will …

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Eyeball planets is most likely alien inhabited planets

Eyeball planets

So far, astronomers often focused search aliens on planets like Earth. However, now it seems it wrong. According to the theory Sean Raymond of Nautilus research center, the planet ‘eyeball’ the one who has the greatest chance as a place to live aliens. What kind of planet that? ‘Eyeball planets’ is a term for a planet that has a perpetual …

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Crack The Mystery of the Surface Of The Sun

Mystery of the Surface Of The Sun

A unique scenery visible on the surface of the sun by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), telescope US space agency (NASA). Scientists see black lines resembling “cracks”. Quoted Dream of, Thursday, February 12, 2015, the black line is expected along the 533 thousand mile. So, what was the black line that resembles the crack? NASA said that the black …

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10 The Best World University 2014-2015

Best World University

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the United States become the best university in the list issued by the Times Higher Education’s best campus row from 2014 to 2015. University located in Pasadena that won a total score of 94.3. Followed in second place there is Harvard University (93.3), also the origin of Uncle Sam, as reported by the Times Higher Education’s …

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