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Obama: I reject discrimination against American Muslims

discrimination against American Muslims

In the United States, many who equate Islam and terrorism. This was denied by President Barack Obama in his last speech. “I reject discrimination against American Muslims,” Obama said immediately greeted by a loud applause of supporters, as quoted by The Guardian, Wednesday (11/1). Obama firmly say that Islam and terrorism are two different things. And over the past eight …

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Riots Broke Out Across The United States

Riots Broke Out Across The United States

Riots Broke Out Across The United States after Donald Trump won in elections in the United States (US). A number of US citizens took to the streets to reject the property tycoon leadership during the next four years. The demonstrators called the Trump did not deserve to lead the US. Melania husband is known as a highly racist and fascist. …

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California Residents Protest Donald Trump became president

California Residents Protest

About 1,500 students and teachers of high school in Berkeley, California, came out of their classes to protest the victory of the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. They state balked at Trump’s success into the White House. While the posters, they echo the words’ not our president “. The students demonstrated in the courtyard of Berkeley High School, according to …

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The Simpsons Movie is already foresee Donald Trump become US president

Donald Trump become US president

Famous cartoon movie the Simpsons have predicted Donald Trump become president of the United States on the issue of which aired in March 2000 or 16 years ago. Trump became US president on an episode of the Simpsons called Bart Towards the Future 16 years ago. In another trailer episode was also known as Trump-style ride. The Simpsons cartoon creator …

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The cause of the victory of Donald Trump in US election

victory of Donald Trump

Donald Trump successfully won the presidency of the hands of the Democratic Party, which has been in power for two terms. Property tycoon from New York to break the whole prediction of the media, observers, and even the world community survey. In the elections that took place on Tuesday (8/11) yesterday, Trump get 276 electoral votes (electoral votes). That result …

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US Muslim concerns over the election of Donald Trump became president

Donald Trump became president

Mona Musid, a Muslim living in the United States Detroit, one of the areas in the US with the largest Muslim population, claimed to worry about Donald Trump became president of the United States. He and Muslims in Detroit claiming to need further understand the results of yesterday’s election. “I’m only interested in what he (Trump) say, and where it …

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Trump remove Muslim ban statement entering US from the official site

Muslim ban statement entering US

Donald Trump, cover the entire event Election of President of the United States (US) with the victory. He succeeded in defeating Hillary Clinton by gaining 279 electoral college, while competitor only got 228 electoral college. After celebrating the victory party at the headquarters of his victory, a successful team of the US property tycoon immediately remove a number of controversial …

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Hillary outrank Trump in the first US presidential debate

Hillary outrank Trump

Some surveys assess Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton managed to outperform rival Republican Donald Trump. According to the poll CNN/ORC, 62 percent of the vote registered 521 people chose the advantage for Hillary. The remaining 27 per cent chose Trump. Similar to japat CNN / ORC, Public Policy Poll also released the name of Hillary as the winner of the …

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This young man successfully proved Trump to drop out of the presidential race

Trump to drop out of the presidential race

Republicans have formally appointed Donald Trump to go forward as a candidate for President of the United States, this designation is given in a convention that was held massive some time ago. This large employers with an optimistic capable of defeating the candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton. On several occasions, Trump optimistic will win the US Presidential Election …

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