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Russian Ambassador Shot at Gallery in Ankara Turkey

Russian Ambassador

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was killed after being shot when addressing an Art Gallery, City of Ankara. Karlov shooter neatly dressed in a black suit. He stood behind Karlov who then immediately turned his gun on the body Karlov. The perpetrator is known to be a policeman in Turkey. After the shooting, the perpetrators shouted “Do not forget …

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Largest Peaceful Protest In The World

Peaceful Protest

Indonesia people is making demands on the blasphemy law enforcement made non-active governor Ahok with peaceful protest defend Islam. This action was followed by millions of Muslims in Indonesia, even this action include action against the demands of the people in the world without going through anarchic actions National Movement Guards Fatwa Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI GNPF) states that until …

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Israel Is Burning Thousands People Evacuated Across

israel is burning

Israel Is Burning Over 200 fires have been reported, tens of thousands have been evacuated from their homes. As Israel battles wildfires which have spread into the country’s third largest city of Haifa, In Haifa close to 75,000 people were evacuated from their homes and the fire is still going strong Israeli Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan said yesterday the …

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Bulgaria Forecasters call Obama is the last US president

Bulgaria Forecasters

Baba Vanga, the Bulgaria Forecasters who correctly predict the occurrence of events of 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States and also the emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) once said that Barack Obama will be the ‘last US president’. The Daily Mail newspaper reported on Thursday (10/11), the woman dubbed the Nostradamus of the …

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WikiLeaks: “There Is No US Election’ just Conspiring

WikiLeaks There Is No US Election

Site leaked secret documents WikiLeaks on Thursday threw a series of tweets on the Twitter social media as saying the United States this year’s elections just engineering. WikiLeaks revealed that statement in response to the response of a blogger named Dan Gillmor pointed at it as a partisan political sites in the American election. “Are you not a fan of …

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Rocco is the latest cat to survive after 32 days buried in Italy quake

cat to survive

A cat is surprisingly survived after 32 days trapped in the rubble caused by the earthquake in Italy. Cat named Rocco was still wearing a red collar when rescued. Gray-white cat was apparently managed to live for a month in the rubble by drinking rainwater. Now, Rocco has already met with the owner. Fire officials shared the news on Twitter, …

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The reason ISIS rooting for Trump to win presidential election

ISIS rooting for Trump

Recruiters militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS rooting for Trump to win presidential election. According to Foreign Affairs magazine reports obtained from inside the application Telegram chain messages, known to the members of the militant group prefers Trump become US president. The reason is that Trump to be president, they will be easier to recruit people to …

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Turkey coup: Arrested 6,000 people after a failed coup

Turkey coup

A number of soldiers were arrested for involvement in a coup in Turkey coup yesterday said they thought it was part of a military exercise. A total of 678 soldiers and ten police arrested at Ataturk International Airport yesterday evening. Turkey has been through a dramatic 48 hours, on a scale even this country – with a turbulent past of …

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UK Certainly Leaves the EU

UK Certainly Leaves the EU

BBC, Sky TV, and ITV announced the results of the referendum of winning support group UK Certainly Leaves the EU. Support for the pro-Brexit reached 52 percent, while the voice of the people choose the last 48 percent. On Friday (24/6) morning local time, the value of Swap pound has fallen to its lowest level last 30 years. Similarly, the …

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British lawmaker was shot dead, allegedly related to referendum

Helen Joanne Cox British lawmaker

British lawmaker Helen Joanne Cox, or commonly called Jo Cox, killed by the man in the street Birstall, District of West Yorkshire, England. MPs alleged that Great Britain finished before the referendum triggered Britain leave the EU. The BBC reported on Thursday (16/6), Cox was rushed to hospital Leeds try wearing a helicopter. However, due to a gunshot wound in …

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