Ferguson, a powerful symbol of racism in the United States

racism in the United States
As police the world, the United States invasion of Israel to mess around with the problem and also the position of the group for the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in Iraq. But there is much more severe conflict and it occurred domestically. America was rocked back by the issue of skin color differences.

This problem does not come just like that. The cause is the negligence of the police patrol the Ferguson Road, State of Missouri shooting black teenager named Michael Brown. Time of the incident, 18-year-old boy was walking down the mall with her ​​friend.

Eyewitnesses swear, officer gun confronted Brown raised his hand and put in the back of the head. But police instead blindly and shoot the head and chest repeatedly Brown. Dorian Johnson sworn, police brutality Ferguson is already on the verge of the limit. He and the people named Tiffany Mitchell was the key witness because close to the incident, as reported by the site asiaone.com (14/8).

Fateful incident took place on Tuesday night and immediately angered residents. Police insisted Ferguson has done the right thing but they are unwilling to launch the officer’s name who did the shooting. I wonder what happened, the community is still in question as to why Brown showered with bullets in such a way when he was unarmed.

Ferguson inhabited mostly blacks directly spilled into the streets. “I’m sick of being treated unfairly because of my skin color. Enough of their brutality,” said the young man named Terrell who participated in the demonstration. He threatens protest would continue until the enforcement of justice on Brown. Since two days ago until now has about 40 people arrested with the accusation of using violence in the demonstrations.

The protesters burned shops, damaging the vehicle, cursing police officers, along with all of these officers may also improve or resolve the incident was a little excessive. Many people say they use military means to compete in the middle of the battlefield.

Ferguson could be a symbol of the power of white domination. Imagine, about 70 percent of the population is 21 thousand blacks, but whites controlled local authorities, even just three of 53 the number of officers who were black.