When Netanyahu was elected again, what’s the fate of the Palestinians?

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel yesterday held elections for determining whether the later Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud will be re-elected for a fourth time or Isaac Herzog of the Zionist Unity Party will take over the position.

Netanyahu has been in power for the past six years. He himself that proposes early election in three months ago.

In a recent survey, the competition between the two candidates it will be very tight. The day before the elections, in an interview with news website NRG, Benjamin Netanyahu said he would not allow a Palestinian state established if re-elected, as reported by the newspaper The New York Times, Tuesday (17/3).

“Anyone who wants to establish a Palestinian state, anyone who would move the current region, together with an opportunity for radical Islam for attacking Israel,” he said.

Statement of the man nicknamed Bibi opposite each other with her speech at Bar Ilan University in 2009. At that time Netanyahu supports the formation of a two-state solution between the Palestinians and Israel.

The words of men 65 years and two days ago it back raises the suspicion that he was never seriously in peace talks with the Palestinians. It is certainly disappointing many world leaders and the international community.

Responding to Netanyahu’s statement, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Netanyahu’s comments were not new.

“Netanyahu has always bury the possibility of a two-state solution. He always count on immunity from the international community. Today the world must take heed and understand that the immunity will not lead to peace,” Erekat said, as quoted by CNN yesterday.

According to Haaretz newspaper columnist, Amos Harel, Netanyahu seemed more active recently appeared in the media than ever before. He, for example, always avoiding interviews with Israeli media for several years. But in the past two weeks he has interviewed many, including the radio station.

But a survey last week said the Unity Party Zionists seem to be winning many parliamentary seats, though it is still a possibility Netanyahu form a coalition if the party lost.

With a number of interviews in the last two weeks, it seems Netanyahu in a state of panic. He also accused his rival in collaboration with Emirates for getting rid of him.

If you win the election, the Jewish Unity Party said they promised to improve relations with the Palestinians and the international community.

Isaac Herzog previously expressed support for a two-state solution and promised to re-establish communication with the Palestinians.

With the assertion that Netanyahu rejects the establishment of a Palestinian state, it is certain two-state solution and peace negotiation efforts fade.