Breaking International Record Vanuata Destroy Micronesia 46-0

Vanuata Destroy Micronesia
In the Olympic qualifying match, Vanuatu Federated States Destroy Micronesia, with a fantastic score 46-0.

Previous Micronesia also defeated from Fuji with a score of 38-0 and 30-0 of Tahiti in the Oceania Football Confederation match.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported on Thursday (9/7), team members Micronesia most teenagers who had left their villages first. A small country it is difficult to form a solid team in the Pacific Games football competition in Papua New Guinea.

When lost to Vanuatu, scorer held by Jean Kaltack. He scored 16 goals in that match.

Micronesia coach Stan Foster said he was not surprised by the huge defeat.

“Most of these kids in their late teens, that’s why I chose them on the team,” said Foster told Radio New Zealand in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, after losing to Vanuatu.

“They are many who have never been out of the village to the other islands. I invite them to Guam a few days ago and the first time they ride the escalator or elevator,” said Foster.

Here’s footage of the match versus Vanuatu Micronesia.