German new record in the history of the World Cup

German new record in the history of the World Cup
2014 World Cup Final over, Germany came out as the champion. Panzer defeated Argentina 1-0 after playing to 120 minutes. With so Germany managed to record a new history in the World Cup.

Throughout the match both teams played very open, giving rise to the sale and purchase of attack. In the first half of Argentina managed to threaten the German first goal after just four minutes. Gonzalo Higuain is squeezed from the right side had fired a shot from inside the penalty box, even though the ball is still sideways against Germany.

But Germany can not remain silent, and direct reply. Cooperation Philip Lahm, Miroslav Klose and Kroos almost sweet fruit. However, Romero is still spry anticipated. One minute ahead of the break up, Germany was making excellence if only header Hoewedes not countered pole. Until the halftime whistle sounded bunches Still no goals are created from both teams.

The second half Alejandro Sabella no longer wish to wait longer win by inserting Sergio Aguero replace Lavezzi. In the 46 minutes immediately threatened by Argentine captain, Messi. Messi, who had escaped from the offsides trap stay facing one on one with Neuer, but still thin horizontal kick on the left side Neuer.

In contrast to Germany, meeting behind the middle row and Argentina, making Der Panzer gaining new opportunities in the 60th minute, when Lahm sends feed the stomach into the penalty box from the right wing which is then forwarded by Klose’s header. Unfortunately Klose’s header is still very weak and easily caught Romero.

In extra innings Germany had dangerous chances through the legs Schuerrle. Shot from inside the penalty box can still be ignored Romero. Argentina too, substitute Rodrigo Palacios Argentina almost makes supporters partying, if the ball is lifted to trick Neuer on target.

Germany ended up partying after substitute Mario Goetze scored. Goetze free-standing in the penalty box capable of utilizing feedback from Andre Schuerrle struck the left wing before the Argentine goalkeeper Sergio Romero is escorted in 113 minutes, while making Germany created a new history.

Germany made ​​the first successful European team won the World Cup in the land of Latin America. Previously there has been no one who does any team. The champion and the end of a waiting Der Panzer for 24 years.