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7 Strongest Superhero Scientist Choice!

This year a wide range of exciting superhero films emerging, ranging from ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ to ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Certainly the emergence of two films of different comics that DC and Marvel, a debate of its own. Who is the strongest superhero out there?

You did not bother to do research, read dozens of comics to get the answer because scientists from the University of Leicester, England, have already done so.

From the study of comic books, until connecting with the world of physics, they managed strongest superhero and most dangerous. Here’s the list.

1. Superman

Clark Kent have become the strongest superhero because the ability of a laser beam from his eyes. Rays that are considered able to defeat all the superhero from DC or Marvel.

2. Wolverine

Obviously, Wolverine being number two for bone regeneration ability of the body plus an unbreakable metal Adamantium.

3. Thor

Although it is unclear whether the gods of Asgard could die or not, but the ability to summon lightning Thor and Hulk is able to withstand the blow of making it number three strongest.

4. Mystique

For those of you who’ve seen the movie ‘X-Men: The Appocalypse’, would see how great a mutant who could turn himself into any of this figure. Well, the ability to ‘stealth’ that can beat any superhero who is not vigilant.

5. Flash

Barry Allen is already clear is the fastest man who could go back to the past to change history. This high speed also makes it can perform lightning attack unwitting enemies.

6. Black Bolt

King of the ‘Inhuman’ or human mutant Marvel superhero in the world is on the list thanks to its ability to produce a quasi-sonic sound that is capable of destroying any, even the planet Earth.

7. Silver Surfer

Silver surfer or Norrin Radd is a superhero who gets cosmic force indefinitely from eating monster universe, Galactus. Silver surfer cosmic Kekauatan make almost indestructible and can change the appearance of being anyone.

Photo: Screenrant, Wikia, Comicvine, Geek Party, Comicnewbie

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