Rita Ora caught on camera wearing a transparent dress

Rita Ora caught on camera wearing a transparent dress
Who does not know with Rita Ora? Not only talented in music, a beautiful singer also has a charm that has no doubt. she did not even hesitate to look sexy and open at every opportunity.

This time, one of the media cameras managed to capture the moment when Rita unconsciously showing off her intimate area. As reported by the Daily Mail, this happens when she leaves Charli XCX concert that was held in London.

http://www.currentnewsarticle.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Rita-Ora-caught-on-camera.jpgThat’s where Rita comes with all-black outfit. The most striking is her boss made of transparent material. Not satisfied with her performance that was too sexy, she did not hesitate to perform even without a bra.

In the portrait, you can see what happens when the moment this fashion disaster successfully caught on camera. No matter with various camera takes a picture scramble, Rita still walked toward her car.

That night, the singer of I Will Never Let You Down is wearing a polo-neck tops made of transparent, combined with leather leggings and fur coat. To improve the appearance, he decided to wear ankle boots.

Her style this time may seem very rock. Not to mention the hairstyle and make-up makeup also very brave. Well, according to you how Rita style this time? Come, share your opinion in the comments below!