The story of Harry Potter is not in the novel

The story of Harry Potter
Harry Potter’s name is not familiar to the ear. JK Rowling’s fictional characters is so closely in the hearts of movie fans and fantasy novels. After a few years ago the film was complete, reportedly will be a continuation of the character Harry Potter.

This latest story titled HARRY POTTER AND THE Cursed CHILD. Yep, JK Rowling himself who announced that Harry Potter will play at the outdoor stage in London next year.

Wait, open stage? Yes, you will not find this CHILD cursed in the novel. The fans began to wonder, why nobody novel.

In response, Rowling announced via his twitter account that better audience sees his role directly. Does this sort of theater? Then how to set the background and its special effects?

There has been no further confirmation from Rowling about it. He simply said, “I do not want to talk more. Because I do not want to mess up what I prepared for the fans,” he said.

“I also want to say that this is not a prequel!” he added later. If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, wait for further news from Rowling, because according to reports circulating, there will be a special series called Beasts FANTASTIC AND WHERE TO FIND THEM.