These Artists Create Realistic Morgan Freeman Picture

Realistic Morgan Freeman Picture
Artistic Color pencil drawing Nestor Cannavaro. Behance 2015/Nestor Cannavaro

Morgan Freeman in the picture above looks cool, huh? It looks like portrait taken with the camera. Yet this is a replica of a picture made with colored pencils usual.

The realistic picture is the work of Nestor Canavarro. He is an illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nestor upload pictures in its Behance account.
Realistic Picture
“I spend about 50 hours to Morgan Freeman’s portrait,” said Canavarro to Bored Panda.

Canavarro admitted that he only use colored pencils to create a whole portrait. He focuses pencil on small details. No wonder that the end result looks like a high-resolution photo.

“Detail texture of her skin who spend a lot of time,” he said.
Nestor Canavarro
In addition to Freeman, Canavarro also made pencil drawings of a number of other celebrities. Among others, Robin Williams, Al Pacino, Kate Beckinsale and Evangeline Lilly.