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10 Horror Movies Can Burn Almost 200 calories!

Is there an easy way to Burn Almost 200 calories just by sitting alone?

How to do Burn Almost 200 calories?

Based on alerts Boldsky (10/4), there is one interesting way to lower burn calories, by watching a horror movie. How can?

Studies have shown that one can burn up to 200 calories when watching a horror movie. This is interesting, and if the research continues deeper, it is certain that the horror film industry will skyrocket due to the high demand from dieters around the world.

But not just any movie, you know. There are several films that are recommended to burn calories and fat in the body.

1. The Shining
This film according to the study will make you lose up to 184 calories.

2. Jaws
The film that tells about the terror of sharks in the sea can burn 161 calories.

3. The Exorcist
This movie is quite scary, and powerful to get rid of 158 calories

4. Alien
Research shows the film is capable of burning up to 152 calories.

5. Saw
If this one effectively burn up to 133 calories.

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street
Watching this creepy movie can burn 118 calories.

7. Paranormal Activity
No one thought that the film is capable of burning 111 calories. It should be more, not worth your fear and scream.

8. The Blair Witch Project
Research reveals there will be up to 105 calories burned while watching this movie.

9. The Texas chain Saw Massacre
Although very scary, this film is only able to burn 107 calories only. But not bad, right?

10. [REC]
Although the amount of calorie burning is not great, but 101 calories lost is enough.

So, that was the top 10 horror movies you can watch to burn calories quickly. Have you seen anything before?

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