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5 Foods That Make You Look Older Than You Are

Our health is determined by the food we eat. Therefore, each of different foods will provide different benefits and effects on our body. Some of the benefits will make your body fitter, while other foods can damage otherwise healthy body.

Not only that, there are also some foods that can make you look older faster. Do not believe? Here are some foods that can make look older faster, as reported by Boldsky.

Fast food

Fast food filled with salt and saturated fat. Some fast food such as burgers and fries have long claimed as unhealthy diet and can make you look older. Fast food also includes foods that can accelerate aging.

Spicy food

Spicy food is not the ideal food consumption that you should regularly if you want to stay young. Spicy foods will dilate blood vessels in the skin and make you look older.

Red meat

Red meat and fatty foods contain a lot of harmful free radicals that if it goes into the body. Free radicals are known to cause various diseases including cancer due to its negative effects on healthy cells. Red meat is one of the foods that should be avoided if you want to stay young.


You do not need a lot of explanation about this one. Consuming alcohol is not only bad for the health of the body and the kidneys, and heart, but also can make a quick look old.


Caffeine has diuretic properties that will accelerate the discharge in our body. Not only that, caffeine also absorb and eliminate moisture in the skin. Therefore, caffeine is one of the drinks can make you look old fast.

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