Predicting Heart Attack Risk Through a Strand Of Hair

Predicting Heart Attack Risk
Not only cancer, heart attack is also a terrible disease that can be fatal someone anytime and anywhere. The latest statistics even show that there are about 300 people who die every five minutes because of a heart attack.

Well, a heart attack can not predict when the arrival. However, if you run an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet, then certainly you are at high risk for developing this disease.

In addition to predicting the pattern of life that run through, a study reported by the found that the risk of heart attacks can be predicted through your hair. Interesting right?

“To predict a person’s risk of heart attack, can be done using a hair sample test. This test can find high or low hormone cortisol in a person. Because of the hormone cortisol is usually measured through blood, urine, or hair,” said the study.

“When cortisol is too high, then this could be a clear indicator of the presence of heart disease in the body. This is because the hormone cortisol can only get out if you are suffering from stress. When stress, your blood pressure rises which could then damage the health of the heart and led to the emergence of a heart attack, “explained the study.

Heart attack or had a medical term cardial infarction occurs when the muscles of your heart suddenly loses oxygen-rich blood. When a heart attack is usually accompanied by chest pain, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, discomfort in the arms, back, shoulders, or jaw. A heart attack can also make you feel dizzy, cold sweat, nausea, and fatigue.