7 Symptoms Of Depression That Should Be Known!

Symptoms Of Depression
Depression can adversely affect your mental and physical health. Depression can be said even trigger a heart attack or stroke. Before it’s too late, let’s identify the six signs of depression, as reported by Livestrong.com.

1. Anger and irritability

You often feel anxious or depressed because of something? If you include people who are easily offended or upset, you may need the help of a psychiatrist to control your emotions.

2. Often self-criticism

For people who are depressed, conscience can have a strong influence and damage on their minds.

3. Despair

“One of the worst symptoms of depression are feelings of hopelessness,” said counselor Jaime W. Vinick. Feelings of hopelessness and even make some people decide to end their lives.

4. Loss of life goals

People who are depressed will lose interest in things they normally like. It would make them worse off and feel isolated.

5. Changes in body weight

When depressed, most people will lose their interest in food. Conversely, some even unable to control their appetite.

6. Changes in sleeping habits

About three-quarters of depressed people suffer from insomnia. They have difficulty sleeping and often sleep late.

7. Fatigue

Depression can make people feel excited and lack of energy. Moreover, poor sleep quality can exacerbate the sense of fatigue.

Here are seven symptoms of depression that you should know. Immediately do early detection to find a solution of your problem.