8 Signs Of Depression That May Happen To You!

Signs Of Depression
Stress and depression become rampant health problems lately. High work demands and social problems of modern society encourages susceptible to stress and depression. Here are the common signs of depression we need to know, as reported by the Mayo Clinic.

1. Sad prolonged

Sadness that you feel makes you always upset and wanted to cry. In fact, you also begin to feel the emptiness or hopelessness.

2. Anger explosive

Uncontrollable burst of anger that could be a sign of depression. Are you irritable or frustrated, even for trivial things, which is not to be taken seriously? If yes, you may have experienced depression.

3. Loss of interest

A person with depression will usually lose interest or pleasure in all normal activities such as sports, hobbies, etc. In his eyes, it looks boring.

4. Sleep disturbance

Depressed people usually experience sleep disorders, including insomnia. However, some are getting too much sleep.

5. Easy tired

Depression can be characterized by symptoms of tiredness and lack of energy, so that when the task requires a little extra effort.

6. Changes in appetite

Depression makes a person poor appetite and weight loss often experience. However, some people even experience an increase in appetite and weight.

7. Often blame themselves

Feelings of worthlessness or guilt began to haunt you? You start fixated on past failures and blame yourself for things that are not your responsibility.

8. Changes in the physical

You begin to experience physical changes that can not be explained, such as frequent back pain or headaches for no apparent reason.

It’s eight common signs of depression we need to know. When you find the signs above, try to see a psychiatrist to detect whether you are really depressed or not.