Mental Disorder That Can Trigger Suicide

Mental Disorder
Suicide is synonymous with psychiatric disorders. Many cases of psychiatric disorders that have attachments with suicidal ideation and suicide attempt.

Psychiatrists in interviews with patients often ask for suicidal ideation either actively conducted (eg with the specific intent commit suicide attempt) or passive (doing something that is accelerating the severity of the disease, for example in patients with severe medical disorders).

Suicide itself is often associated with depression, although not all the problems of suicide related only to the condition of depressive disorders alone.


Depressive disorder is a psychiatric disorder that many associated with suicidal ideation. In addition to three main symptoms are typical, namely the declining atmosphere of feeling (mood), the absence of life expectancy and the unwillingness to do something, patients with depressive disorders also often have suicidal ideas.

The idea of ​​suicide is associated with a feeling of emptiness and empty atmosphere that makes people with depression feel there is no point in living anymore. Patients with strong suicidal ideation usually been thought of and even commit murder attempt himself. Often there are some cases do it over and cause problems psychiatric emergencies.

Psychiatrists in an interview with depressive disorder patients need to ask about their suicidal ideas. In the past many concerns whether the questioned, the patient will even suicidal ideation it. It is not appropriate because it basically is not easy to make the decision to end a life of its own.

That is why it is often found that people who commit suicide usually do not even expressed a wish to someone else other than the lot of them write wills farewell.

Personality disorder

In addition to depressive disorders, suicidal ideation and attempt are also often found in many cases the personality disorder threshold or Borderline Personality Disorder.

Patients with this condition usually have a volatile personality pretty dominant mood is often called the mood swing. Anger against oneself is also often associated with efforts to hurt themselves. No wonder self-harming behaviors such as slicing the skin of the hand itself (self-cutting) are found in patients with this personality.

There are some cases of people with personality disorders threatens the threshold nearby or partner will hurt himself if she left. In many cases the verge of personality disorders, interpersonal relationship problems with people close is often a problem.

People with personality threshold often find it difficult to establish strong relationships with other people. Concerns will be left only made them more likely to leave others.


Mental disorders such as paranoid schizophrenia is also associated with an attempt to kill himself. Usually paranoid schizophrenic patients kill themselves because their voices whisper (hallucinations) that make it do that. The inability of the patient to cope with hallucinations and encouragement of hallucinations that makes patients with schizophrenia experiencing suicidal.

It can also occur in patients with major depressive disorder who have psychotic features. So this depressive disorder patients have hallucinations also usually ask or tell the patient to commit suicide because of guilt. It is also often found in cases everyday.

Prevent suicide

Suicides can occur in a wide variety of mental health problems. Immediately recognize depressive disorder and matters relating to psychiatric disorders can prevent problems related suicide. Immediate treatment also must be done properly and appropriately.

Appropriate treatment will be able to restore patient function optimally and reduce the likelihood of a bad mental problems, namely the loss of life. Hopefully this article useful.