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The Effective Ways To Reduce Appetite

The Effective Ways To Reduce Appetite It is not hard to do, hunger is a taste sensation that is felt when a person is in need of food. Hunger is unpredictable and can attack anytime and anywhere. When you are hungry, your stomach sends signals to the brain in a shriveled form.

Then when you can not conquer your appetite, then this passion will automatically rule you. The result you will be crazy to eat and lead to weight gain when not accompanied by adequate physical activity. Here is the Effective Ways To Reduce Appetite that started craze as quoted from boldsky.com.

Improve breathing quality

Breathing can be the key for you to control your appetite. This happens because the quality of oxygen and breathing can nourish the body’s cells that are able to maintain appetite.

Eat lots of lean protein

Protein in addition to good for muscle health, is also able to control appetite. Choose a protein that contains less fat to keep you from high cholesterol.

Consumption of fruit

Research shows that those who like to consume fruits tend to hold their hunger well than those who do not. Because fructose in the fruit is able to fill the liver glycogen that helps reduce hunger.

Do not run a strict diet

Strict dietary behavior will only make you feel like revenge to eat foods that you should not consume while dieting. So run the diet naturally so that the body was still healthy.


The last tip is to distract and the mind from hunger. This method works because you will no longer think about food constantly. Therefore every time you feel hungry, try to think of something else.

Try the above ways to control your appetite so you can avoid weight gain that can lead to the emergence of chronic diseases.

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