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London looting and riots Pictures

Current News Article – London looting and riots Pictures are staggering. Some people have been stripped bare by looters.

One of the pictures, as shown the Daily Mail, Tuesday (08/09/2011), shows a young man who apparently was forced to hand over all her clothes after being stripped naked in a riot on Monday night. Rumors on the internet last night, reports the Daily Mail, stated that at the height of widespread destruction in London and Birmingham, the people stripped by looters. Meanwhile, the police seem helpless to stem the crime.

Another outstanding A photo showing a woman last night, unnamed, completely naked. The woman standing next to a police officer after his clothes had been stripped. Reports on Twitter that some people have been disarmed.

Meanwhile, a video circulating on YouTube shows a blood-soaked teenager was robbed in broad daylight by the thugs who pretend to help the teenager to his feet. Teens who do not know his name, in the video, looks aided by the passer who seems to be kind enough to look after the teenager was injured and bleeding from the nose.

However, a few seconds after a teenager was wounded man helped to his feet, callous looters began rifling through his backpack. Dozens of other young men standing nearby. The teenager was trying to stop the bleeding in his nose when the thieves continue their action in broad daylight it. A young man clearly takes some of the goods before the teenager’s purse and then throw the stuff into the street.

It seems rather unfortunate teenagers long realized that he was robbed. As soon realized he then dismissed the hands of one of the robbers while continuing to try to stop the bleeding on his face.

It is unclear where the robbery took place or when exactly happened. The video image showed the incident occurred before dark.

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