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6 New Research That Revealed The Secret Strange Of Nature

Each research has revealed nothing serious. Various science began medical science to quantum physics, often reveal things that make us wince.

However this is not always absolute. Many scientists who dedicate themselves to the various studies that have failed to think about.

Here are a variety of new research that revealed a secret that is not how a serious, in fact uncover unique secret of nature.

1. Vegetarian Piranhas

Piranha has been feared by the community for a long time, moreover, there are several references movies and television shows that show how terrible Piranha.

However, one of the close relatives of the Piranha named Red-Bellied Pacus, proved to be only eat plants. This fish did not have teeth sharp as Piranha, but it is shaped like a human tooth. Although a close relative to the piranha, the fish was first discovered in two different lakes in Michigan, United States.

2. The calamari purple eye ‘googly’

Scientists are exploring in the vessel named Nautilus in the Pacific Ocean, find a unique fauna that is shaped more like a toy than an animal.

One type of squid Bobtail named Rossia pacifica very unique shape with purple and eyes ‘googly’ like a toy.

The calamari habitat at 1,300 meters below sea level. Not surprisingly, the calamari uniquely shaped, because the temperature and pressure at depth as it often makes such animals from the seabed like an alien.

More unique, the animals in the deep sea are always accustomed in a dark place, they would be surprised if found human or photographed, eventually they will be petrified; like the photo above.

3. The oceans from space

One of the mysterious questions about how the Earth formed, is how the Earth can be covered by the ocean. One of the hypotheses that is probably the ice asteroid that hit Earth at a time when the Earth was young. This makes sense because the ice is one element that is abundant in space.

Reporting from Science Daily, scientists have recently discovered the possibility of this was true. The reason, scientists discovered a piece of opal in a meteorite that was in the Antarctic. Opal itself is a rock that consists of 30 percent water, and opal never really recovered from the asteroid before. From this, scientists draw a little conclusion that ice does not form on the Earth, but it came from outer space.

4. The tree appeared to be sleeping

Trees which are plants are living beings, just like humans and animals. When humans and animals need to sleep after a day of activity, whether the trees need to sleep after doing various activities such as photosynthesis? The answer is yes.

Launch Live Science, The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute proved it by using infrared light to analyze the twigs of birch, and discovered that there are patterns of ‘slack’ and ‘droop’ when night. This happened again when a similar study was repeated to different birch tree and located away from trees that were studied.

Interestingly phase of ‘waking up’ of the tree, where the tree is no longer droop, starting before sunrise. This indicates that the tree actually do sleep, and this is not an activity that is influenced by the presence or absence of sunlight for photosynthesis. Thus, a tree has such human circadian rhythms.

5. Lizards turned out to be a dream

A team from the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research made a discovery that is quite surprising. Reporting from Live Science, Australian Dragon lizard manifold, proved to have REM sleep, or rapid eye movement or rapid eye movement. Sleep phase is usually only experienced by humans where humans dream in this phase.

Initially scientists assumed that REM and dreams will only be experienced by birds and other mammals, as mammals and birds are predicted human ancestors before evolved. But the discovery in this lizard proves that it is wrong. The scientists concluded that dreams may be experienced all the amniotic or all land vertebrates.

6. The smell of popcorn is the smell resm

Perhaps this discussion will be slightly deviated from the topic of nature. However, scientists have classified 10 primary scents or odors from millions smell unlimited number.

Reporting from Medical Daily, a study last 144 classify smells, and finally reduced to be 10 only. The scents are: fragrance, woody or resin, non-citrus fruits, pungent odors, chemical smells, smells of mint or peppermint, smell the sweet, cloying smell, the smell of lemon, and the smell of popcorn. Uniquely, popcorn sign.

Of all, pop corn the only one of the most different. Pop corn defined as smell like vegetables or timber but not as both.

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