American evidence discovered by the Chinese people, not Columbus

American evidence discovered by the Chinese people
Inscription with the ancient Chinese symbol in America. © John Ruskamp

Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, has long been known as a ‘discoverer’ of America. However, according to research by archaeologist named John Ruskamp, ​​American inventor Columbus but not the Chinese people.

Based on the research of John Ruskamp, ​​the Chinese had explored America around 1,300 years BC. When compared with the arrival of Columbus in America in 1492, the Chinese about 2,800 years ahead of Columbus!

Proof of the arrival of the Chinese in America looks at the monument petroglyphs (rock picture) in a national park in New Mexico, USA. The symbols drawn on the stone in place was claimed was an ancient Chinese characters used in the end the Chinese Shang dynasty.

“Although only half a symbol that has been successfully identified and proved to be an ancient Chinese characters, while four existing main symbols are combined, would read an ancient Chinese way of expressing respect for the nobility through the sacrifice of dogs,” said John, Daily Mail (10/07 ).

Besides ‘inscription’ in New Mexico that, John also has managed to find a monument petroglyphs picture ancient Chinese symbol other national parks in Arizona and Nevada Grapevine valley.

The Arizona National Park, a symbol of successful study is an ancient Chinese symbol of an elephant that is thought to have come from the past 500 years BC. While in the valley Grapevine, pictorial inscriptions found teeth from 1,300 years BC.

Ancient Chinese inscriptions in Arizona
Ancient Chinese inscriptions in Arizona

The number of pictorial symbols of ancient Chinese inscriptions that prove if the Chinese had already explored the Americas long before Columbus landed on the coast of the Bahamas.

John Ruskamp also states when the symbols are drawn on top of the original stone and made thousands of years ago. The proof, the symbols were already gone through repatriation process, a kind of unique weathering Mechanics due to the weather, which is said to be unlikely to occur less than 150 years.

Furthermore, the ancient Chinese symbol of the Shang dynasty joined disappeared with the fall of the dynasty around 1046 BC. Thus, less likely inscriptions was a fake.