Ice Age Will Refreeze The Earth in 2030

Refreeze The Earth in 2030
The National Astronomy conference held in early July, a professor named Valentina Zharkova express a research result is very surprising. He warns people when the ice age will return to freeze the Earth.

Based on research Valentina, the ice age will occur around 2030 as a result of the chaotic cycle of the sun, the Daily Mail (10/07).

Please note, the sun has a 11-year cycle in which the current cycle occurred, solar activity reaches its peak or otherwise ‘fall asleep’.

Well, in the solar cycle 26 which will take place in between the years 2030 to 2040, solar activity will reach its lowest point, the same as 370 years ago. Passive solar phenomenon is called the ‘Maunder Minimum’.

370 Years ago, exactly in between the years 1646-1715, the Maunder Minimum causing the Earth was hit by a little ice age. ‘Dormition’ sun causes the European region experienced the worst winter in history. At that time the river Thames in England even say a total freeze!

According to Professor Valentina, chaos was caused by a solar cycle is not ‘coincide’ movement of the sun’s outer layer and inner layers. When the Maunder Minimum occurred in the 2030s, the two layers of the sun is predicted to mutually interfere with each other movements.

Impact, solar energy can not produce full as usual. This is evident from the drastic reduction in the number of sunspots. In fact, when the Maunder Minimum occurred 370 years ago, said sun spots had disappeared altogether.