Putin is still the most influential person in the world in 2015 Forbes

the most influential person in the world
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Forbes magazine released the ranks of their chosen leaders from around the world for 2015. The names on the list of Forbes considered to have a major influence on the earth, filtering results from hundreds of candidates and variables.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, re-occupied the first rank. The last three years, Putin has been named in the first place this magazine, as accessed from the pages of Forbes, Thursday (5/11).

Former president of intelligence that proved still able to hit the world. Especially when the military decided to send to Syria, protect its allies Bashar al-Assad President. Middle East politics directly screwed on maneuvers Red Bear State.

Just after Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel last year in the third position, the list of the latest rise in second position. Merkel rising because of his attitude to lead the European Union faced a wave of refugees.

US President Barack Obama must go down one rank, to third. Meanwhile, the leader of Catholics, Pope Francis position is still the same this year as last year with the number four.

The President of China Xi Jinping this year Forbes ranked fifth assessed. Last year, the leader of the PRC in the ranks of the top three most influential people in the world.

Here’s a list of 10 influential world figures Forbes 2015:

  1. Russian President Vladimir Putin
  2. German Chancellor Angela Merkel
  3. The President of the United States Barack Obama
  4. Pope Francis
  5. The President of China Xi Jinping
  6. Microsoft founder Bill Gates
  7. Fed Governor Janet Yellen
  8. British Prime Minister David Cameron
  9. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi
  10. The founder of Google Larry Page