The Story of a girl Who Gives Birth at the Age 5 Years

Gives Birth at the Age 5 Years
Lina Medina: youngest mother in medical history, giving birth at the age of five years, seven months and 17 days.

Hard to believe, a girl was 5 years old, has become a mother. At the age of five years, seven months and 17 days, the girl felt heartburn, and looks like will give birth.

Dr Lozada and Dr. Busalleu that handles the delivery process, Lina Medina 5 Peruvian girl, who has successfully given birth to a baby boy by Caesarean, weighing 2,700 grams.

From the past until now, the incident is still a rarity, especially in the world of medical records. Medina Line an example in an unusual case in the world of medicine. Because she was too young to get pregnant and give birth, even it turns out she already got her first menstruation at the age of 8 months. It is indeed a very strange occurrence.

Lina Media who was born in a small village in Pervian Paurange at an altitude of 7,400 feet and is included in the poorest provinces in Peru, on September 27, 1933. She gave birth to her first child at the age of 5 years and 8 months, just as all people celebrate Mother’s Day on May 14, 1939. The first child that he named Gerardo Medina, lived to the age of 40 years. Line Medina also had a second child in 1972, but unfortunately the name of her second child is not in the know, but in the living know the child up to the age range of 36 years.

Lina Medina’s life story became the object of study in medicine. Many questions arise. “Why did she get pregnant at a very early age?”, “Why did she have menstruation in a new age of 8 months?”, And even raised the question, “Who was the father of her child?”. But many people believe that the act of sexual abuse of the child is his own father. Until his father was arrested by the police, but due to lack of evidence of Lina Medina’s father eventually returned on release. The case is then only revealed after 28 years later, the perpetrator of the rape itself is her stepbrother who suffer from mental disorders. But chronology of events has not been revealed in detail, it is in because Lina himself refused to explain it.

Trying to be a good mother, that’s who want to do Lina, but uniquely, Lina admitted to her child Gerardo that she was a brother. But at the age of 10 years, Gerardo finally know the truth actually happened that Lina was his mother. Until the age of 40 years, Gerardo died of disease in the bone marrow. However, no evidence is found if the disease arises due to women who give birth at a young age.