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Microsoft is officially phasing out Internet Explorer

phasing out Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer the default Microsoft browser icons rumored to be phasing out in the near future. Microsoft’s head of marketing, Chris Capossella said if it is currently researching a new browser Internet Explorer replacement that will come with a new name in Windows 10, as reported by Metro.co.uk (17/3) “We will continue to keep Internet Explorer, but we also will have …

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5 Most Dangerous Hacker In The World

Dangerous Hacker In The World

Various companies, both public and private has begun to enter the online world. This they did so that people can easily find out everything about the company, but not the data. The internet sophistication apparently need to get special scrutiny, especially important company data. Therefore, there is the so-called watchdog or guard online. Supervisory or online guard assigned to keep …

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