Bitcoin ‘Founder’ Craig Wright’s Home Raided by Australian Police

Bitcoin 'Founder'
Australian Federal Police officers walk down the driveway after searching the home of probable creator of cryptocurrency bitcoin Craig Steven Wright in Sydney’s north shore December 9, 2015. Australian Federal Police raided the Sydney home on Wednesday of the man named by Wired magazine as the probable creator of cryptocurrency bitcoin, a Reuters witness said. The property is registered under the Australian electoral role to Wright, whom Wired outed as the likely real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous figure that first released bitcoin’s code in 2009. To match Exclusive AUSTRALIA-BITCOIN/ REUTERS/David Gray

The figure of the founder of Bitcoin virtual currency revealed to the public. Australian police raided the home of businessman Craig Wright in the City of Sydney. Some news sites uncovered evidence that shows Wright is the figure of the founder of Bitcoin. During this time, the inventor of Bitcoin is an anonymous character named Satoshi Nakamoto.

Police raided the house belonging Wright admitted to cases of tax arrears, not on news a number of sites. “We carry out checks and searches in the house at the request of the Australian Tax Office,” a police spokesman said Sydney, as reported by AFP news agency.

This raid just a few hours after the tech news site Gizmodo and Wired, launch an investigation whose conclusions suspect Wright figure as the founder of Bitcoin.

“He probably involved creating a fund or Bitcoin,” writes Wired citing sources.

Satoshi figure is widely recognized as the inventor of the digital currency. In 2008, Satoshi published a paper outlining the concept and wrote the original software that underlies the emergence of Bitcoin.