A Majority of Republicans Support For Banning Muslims Entering the US

A Majority of Republicans Support For Banning Muslims Entering the US
Candidates for President of the United States, Donald Trump, the more superior the Republican convention. Survey ABC News/Washington Post showed the ideas of the controversial property tycoon backed by Republican voters.

Reportedly, 59 percent of supporters of the conservative parties have agreed on the idea of ​​banning all Muslims entering the United States. In fact, the idea of ​​Trump was condemned by fellow politicians of the Republic, the White House, and many world leaders.

Business Incidents reported on Thursday (17/12), only 30 percent of Republicans who consider banning Muslims come to the US as an “action is wrong.”

Thanks to the suggestion that anti-Muslim, Trump had skyrocketed in popularity among US citizens conservative. The last survey showed 41 percent of voters supported her Republican, outpacing rivals will fellow candidate. This support is far above Ted Cruz, powerful rivals, which are only supported by 14 percent.

The average voter Republic consists of white, religious, and living in rural or suburban areas.
Banning Muslims Entering the US
Nevertheless, the survey showed the majority of the US public still supports Muslims. Most voters Democrats and independents strongly rejected the ban on Muslims entering Uncle Sam in a certain period. In this survey, mentioned that 59 percent of respondents believe that Muslims in the United States suffer discrimination, far above the intolerant.

One of the initiators of the poll by ABC News, Gary Langer, explaining that the survey shows the political power of Trump. Ie gain the sympathy of those who were not exposed to the latest issues, lack of education, and actually antipathy to politics. “The ability Trump main thing is to embrace people outside politics. He can make them support rencanananya, even actually very controversial,” said Langer.

In an internal survey of Republicans, Trump still superior to others going the other candidate. Trump survivors in the survey, although the last Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, he attacked almost all of its rivals.

The former Republican governor is set, like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich, all-out attack all Trump ideas for possible future rule.

“Trump Plan (enter the US temporarily banned Muslims) will result in the Muslim world, Arab countries, the farther away from the United States. In fact, we need them to work together to destroy ISIS,” said Jeb Bush.