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California Residents Protest Donald Trump became president

About 1,500 students and teachers of high school in Berkeley, California, came out of their classes to protest the victory of the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. They state balked at Trump’s success into the White House.

While the posters, they echo the words’ not our president “.

The students demonstrated in the courtyard of Berkeley High School, according to Charles Burress, a spokesman for the Berkeley Unified School District, which estimates the number of students involved. They then convoy to the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, a city known for its progressive politics.

“We’re sitting here, we turn back the clock to the election period 1950. Do you know why? Trump made us realize how much hatred and ignorance still exists,” said one student said in the demonstration, according to live video broadcasts that aired on social media applications Periscope Thursday ( 10/11).

The student said that people of color are afraid of the possibility of discrimination, immigrant families are now concerned over the threat of deportation launched Trump.

The photos uploaded to Twitter shows hundreds of students were protesting. Many of them carry the writings that were critical of the elected president and waving Mexican flags along with the hashtag #NotMyPresident and #BHSWalkout.

One promise that Trump expressed during the campaign was that he established forts along the border with Mexico to keep out illegal immigrants. Burress said the number of teachers participating in a demonstration along with their students, but he did not give the numbers.

Demonstrations were also conducted by hundreds of students of the University of Texas and a few small groups of students who come out of their classes in Oakland and Seattle, Washington. The series of street demonstrations planned to take place on Wednesday in New York, Boston, Chicago and other cities, according to the information that appeared in social media.

A Facebook page about the rally scheduled to be held in Union Square Park in Manhattan, New York, showed more than 8,000 people will participate in the action.

The night before, a series of mass protests occurred around the San Francisco Bay Area and other locations in the United States as a reaction to the election of Donald Trump as president.

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