Donald Trump wants to close up the Internet

Donald Trump wants to close up the Internet
Presidential candidates debates back to the attention of the world, on Tuesday (15/12) evening local time in the United States. In the 5th session in celebration in the city of Las Vegas, Donald Trump as the strongest candidate back controversial remarks.

Trump said restrictions on Internet access, at least in the US, can prevent terror group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). “ISIS recruit members via the Internet. ISIS uses the internet much better than us,” said Trump, as quoted by TIME.

To realize his idea, Trump wants to collect the intelligent people of Silicon Valley in order to determine how the Internet should be limited. He was convinced that if all could be done, ISIS can not move.

“With open I say when will close the area in which the place we go to war, I do not want someone who wants to kill this nation through the internet,” he said.

Loud statement was immediately refuted by the Parliament member State of Kentucky, Rand Paul. He calls when the idea of ​​internet restrictions violate the law.

Nevertheless, Trump was not lost my mind, and reply when the intention is only intended simply shut ISIS accesses on the Internet. “I do not talk to shut down the internet entirely, I talked to cover part of the internet which ISIS was in it,” said Trump.

Throughout the Republican presidential convention, Trump is still ahead of its competitors. The survey by the Journal / NBC News showed sharp-tongued businessman property that has the support of 27 percent Republicans.

While rival Trump is now slowly threatens is Senator Ted Cruz (22 percent), Marco Rubio (15 percent). While the surgeon Ben Carson, his support dropped to 11 percent, after a long shadowing Trump. Republicans backed by conservatives, religious zealots, and whites in the land of Uncle Sam.