Hillary Clinton’s promise to investigate UFOs if elected president

Hillary Clinton
US presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, claimed to believe in the existence of aliens. The announcement was made the woman candidate when the representatives of the mass media in New hamphsire, as reported by the Huffington Post, Tuesday (5/1).

This alien issue surfaced, after the Conway Daily Sun newspaper declared Hillary husband never interested in investigating the truth of aliens.

Clinton promised to investigate the facts of the existence of aliens or UFOs, if elected president in elections next year. “Yes, I will explore answers to the (UFO) down to the roots,” Clinton said with a smile when asked by reporters.

Hillary’s husband, former US President Bill Clinton, in a television talk show once expressed his beliefs about aliens. “I would not be surprised if one day the aliens came to earth. I just hope that their arrival was not aggressive like in the movie ‘Independence Day’,” Clinton said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2014.

Not just conjugal Clinton who expressed interest in the UFO issue. Head of the Success Team Hillary, John Podesta, even repeatedly called for governments Uncle Sam uncover the secret behind the alien. An example is the area of ​​Area 51, so-called alien base built by the United States.

“Hillary has promised, we will release information (aliens) with one way in the future,” said Podesta.

An estimated 77 percent of Americans in the survey institute Harris Poll in 2014 believe aliens. They believe a UFO has ever come to earth. UFO rumor was strengthened because of the existence of Area 51, the base heavily guarded US military in the Nevada desert region. In 1951, reportedly crashed alien aircraft in the region.

Not only that, in 2011 and an online petition by the people demanding the administration of President Barack Obama to explain the secret Area 51 or UFO project. The petition was denied by the White House, which states that the government has never made a secret military operation covering up aliens.

“Until now the US government has not found evidence of the creatures that live outside the earth or who have contacted the human race,” said White House Chief of Staff Technology, Phil Larson.