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Kids 8 years old to learn driving from YouTube, invited the brother to buy a burger

Fast-food restaurant waiter made shocked when they see the Son eight years driving a van to buy food. Worse, the child was brought with his younger brother who was four years old.

Children from Ohio, United States, reckless driving after his parents slept. Secretly both went into his father’s car at 20:00 local time to go to a fast food restaurant McDonalds and order a burger.

“The children decided to sleep in the car driving after his parents. Eyewitnesses who saw a little boy driving a car immediately call the police,” the police official said, Jacob Koehler, Thursday (13/4).

Once secured by the police, the boy was admitted to never learn the car directly. Apparently he learned to drive through the videos uploaded to the video sharing website Youtube.

“The boy was driving the car through the intersection of the railroad tracks even without an accident. It seems that he had observed the traffic rules and speed limits in the video that he is watching,” said Koehler.

“He did not even hit anything during the ride. It’s absolutely unreal,” he added.

Meanwhile, Koehler said, the waiter McDonalds initially thought were trapped when suddenly there was a child passing through the drive-through, holding up a piggy bank to order a burger.

“The employees thought her parents were in the backseat. But apparently they do not exist,” he said

When the child is secured directly to cry because realized he had made a mistake. Sobbing, she said only wanted a cheeseburger. Koehler said that this case is not passed on to the legal sphere.

A colleague who knows the Son family was immediately informed their parents about the incident. Not only that, they also managed to get a cheeseburger coveted.

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