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Riots Broke Out Across The United States

Riots Broke Out Across The United States after Donald Trump won in elections in the United States (US). A number of US citizens took to the streets to reject the property tycoon leadership during the next four years.

The demonstrators called the Trump did not deserve to lead the US. Melania husband is known as a highly racist and fascist.

Not just a protest, a handful of protesters burned garbage and US flags, and shattered windows.

In Oakland, more than 100 protesters walked into the city center. Based on reports from local media, they do some vandalism, ranging from pelt Oakland Tribune offices, burning tires and throwing rubbish into the middle of the fire.

LA Times reported, the demonstrations met with resistance from about 30 supporters Trump. In Oregon, dozens of people blocked the road and rail travel in downtown Portland.

Besides the US, a similar action was also carried out in several countries, ranging from Mexico to London. They opposed the leadership Trump is considered racist, either against colored people or Muslims.

As is known, Trump won many votes as 276, while rival Hillary Clinton gets 218 voice.

He managed to control almost all of the sounds in the key countries the United States. Texas became one of the countries that contribute the most votes for the US property tycoon.

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