This is the reason Donald Trump will not become US president

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a property entrepreneur, a pioneer of television programs, as well as successful business people in the United States. He is also the chairman and president of The Trump Organization.

Men born in New York, June 14, 1946 is a warm conversation because the world proclaimed itself as a US presidential candidate. Trump, so he was called as a candidate of the Republican Party.

Lavish lifestyle and the way he bluntly make Trump excel far above the other candidates of the party. He also became famous celebrity according to Forbes 17th due to bring the reality show The Apprentice, on NBC.

Son of real-estate developer Fred Trump, began to join in the company since 1968.

Trump began to express interest in becoming a candidate for President of the United States in 2010, but in May 2011 he attack. Then earlier this year, Trump has again expressed his intention.

This time the intention really come true. Joined with Republicans, Donald Trump even so the most popular candidate.

However, his said way that frankly makes Trump is less favored by the majority of Americans. ‘Too provocative’ they describe Trump said.

Male 69 years is indeed often ‘dropped’ rival with gossip. In addition, he is also known to be very racist.

Most recently, a statement which forbids Muslims into the United States to be very viral. He condemned here and there, ranging from ordinary citizens to artists and other famous people on a statement condemning it.

However, its popularity has not decreased. Even based on the survey results, the name did not come down from the top ranking Republican presidential candidates.

However, many people who felt he would not be able to penetrate as a presidential candidate Adi State Power it. The reason is diverse, ranging from wealth to about himself.

US News explained the reasons Trump will not be President of the United States. Firstly because of the money. Touted as being very rich, in fact, Trump made his fortune from the gambling proceeds. Of course the Americans will think a thousand times to have the president of a gambler.

The second reason, Trump just a troublemaker. Once the voting is mentioned Giuliani. She looks just like a joke in the US political scene.

Third, Trump mentioned will not be president because despite Republican he has conservative views, but rather liberal.

And the last reason is the words Trump is too sharp. Of the many statements that said Trump, is very racist. The statement that finally makes Trump did not get respect from the public land of Uncle Sam.