Trump Make Controversial AD Impressions

Controversial AD Impressions
After soundly criticized because of controversial statements forbids Muslims from entering the United States, now the Republican presidential candidate was acting up again. This time, Trump continued to show its seriousness in ‘cut’ access to the Muslims to enter the US.

Trump makes a television commercial advertising in order to gain name in the party presidential election has begun airing since today, Tuesday (5/11).

“I am very proud of these ads, although I do not know whether I need it or not, but I do not want to miss every opportunity, because if I win then America will again be great,” said Trump on yesterday, as quoted from CNN.

“The team’s success has spent not a little with the best results and this is what this country needs,” he continued.

Trump was able to spend about $2 million every week in order to lift his name on each campaign.

The 30-second ad appeared wealthy businessman’s face. Two suspected incidents of terror San Bernardino is also featured in the ad footage.

With words that are provocative, Trump again asked the American people to reject the Muslims go to Uncle Sam’s country.

“Until we can find out what is happening,” wrote Trump in the ads.

Not only Muslims are victims. Trump also features Mexican illegal immigrants in the campaign advertisement.

Trump even using an image recording in Morocco, in order to mock immigrants. Morocco is where the influx of illegal immigrants.