Jakarta Attacks: Deadly Blasts, Shootout in Indonesian Capital

Shootout in Indonesian Capital
Terror attacks in Thamrin, Central Jakarta on Thursday (14/1), killing seven people, five of whom are terrorists and and a Canadian citizen and a citizen. While 20 others suffered minor injuries and severe. ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack, as reported by news agency Telegram Aamanaq through your account.

Police Headquarters in Indonesia with a set of security alert status I post acts of terror in Thamrin, Jakarta, this afternoon (14/1). “Since 17.00 I stand before all of Indonesia. To the members of the police increase alertness, maximize security,” said Head of Public Relations Division Inspector General Anton Charliyan in his office.
Jakarta Attacks
He said the establishment of a standby I set out across Indonesia because it could be a terrorist escape to areas outside Jakarta. “Because the terrorist network spread all over Indonesia. We do not know where he is running,” said Anton.
Shootout in Indonesian Capital
Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Luhut Binsar Panjaitan revealed that the bombing and shooting attacks in the area of ​​Thamrin, Central Jakarta has actually been wary since December 2015 last.

“This event is already very we aware since December, because we’ve got information from the intelligence of December that there would be ‘orchestra’ in Southeast Asia,” said Luhut in a press conference at the Presidential Office, the Presidential Palace, Central Jakarta, Thursday (14 / 1).
Terror attacks in Thamrin
Since the existence of the information, said Luhut, the police really worked hard and eventually managed to make arrests, including a number of leaders of groups making the threat, during December.

However, Luhut stressed that the government can never guarantee when and where a terrorist attack will be carried out. He even argued, intelligence anywhere in the world will not be able to guess it.
Deadly Blasts
According to Sutiyoso BIN (Indonesian Intelligence Agency), a group that until now believed to number five was affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Greeting Sutiyoso then echoed by the head of the Jakarta Metro Police, Inspector General Tito Karnavian. According to Tito there is one name that is believed to be the mastermind of the deadly attack on the afternoon. Bahrun Naim.