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Largest Peaceful Protest In The World

Indonesia people is making demands on the blasphemy law enforcement made non-active governor Ahok with peaceful protest defend Islam.

This action was followed by millions of Muslims in Indonesia, even this action include action against the demands of the people in the world without going through anarchic actions

National Movement Guards Fatwa Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI GNPF) states that until today the number of participants coming from the 212 action areas had reached approximately 2 million people. That number will continue to rise because there are still many participants who are still on the way.

“Broadly speaking, already over two million (mass action) from various regions. However, we would like to also exist in a number of areas that his presence was not as smooth as expected,” said Treasurer GNPF-MUI, Lutfi Hakim told reporters on Thursday (1 / 12).

Until now, the committee is to prepare all kinds of technical requirements Action Super Peace in Monas, Central Jakarta. Like setting saf, stage, sound system, ablution, and a communal kitchen.

According to Lutfi, site preparation prayer and dhikr together it has reached 90 percent. He also hoped before midnight, preparations at the location of the event has been completed. “Alhamdulillah preparations are quite good, neat, had 90 percent. We hope this finishes at 00.00 pm everything,” said Lutfi.

Mass action came from the area started to come to Jakarta from Thursday (1/12) afternoon. They spread to some point mosques in Jakarta, including the Istiqlal Mosque. In pride of Jakarta mosque has now been packed with thousands of Muslims.

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