Mutant Dog Found In Deserts of Saudi Arabia

Mutant Dog
Mutant Dog

Strange but true, this might be the only species that mutated dogs in the world. The man from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia find very strange animal, so it is not clear what it’s called.

These animals briefly looked like a dog. But, if the see-saw again, a lot of things that are too strange of her body. These animals have long hair, legs like a chicken, and feathers are more like fibers.

As reported by the Saudi Sabq Newspapers, Tuesday (28/10), the strange animal-like mutant was found west of the Port of the Red Sea, Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia.

“The size is also smaller than normal dogs, and are obviously very scary,” said Al Rabei Mutammam, the man who found the animal.

Rabei was relaxed driving his car in the desert area near the port. Mutant dog that suddenly appear and make him a start.

Because too weird, Rabei decided to bring the animal. “I’ve asked the people who know about animals in Jeddah. Nobody knows what kind of animal,” said Rabei.