Only in Indonesia, that people are not afraid Terrorism Threat

Terrorism Threat
Residents keen to see even though the security forces were shooting the perpetrators of terrorist

A Path user named Wimpy uploading a photo of a satay seller. Even though it looks normal, satay seller turned out to be very close to the bomb blast site Sarinah. Bahlan according to Wimpy, the repairman selling satay position that looks quite old it is only 100 meters away from the scene.

Wimpy also mention a unique phenomenon and it is a testament to the toughness bold Indonesian people who are not afraid of terrorism.

Terrorism Threat
people keep ordring the satay although there is a terrorist threat

Wimpy: This satay booth just about 100 meter from the terrorist attack area just 2 hours a go and this guy still grill his satay and people keep ordring the satay.. This is Jakarta!!! You can’t terror Jakarta People!! Fear is not in our dictionary

Islamic State Of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks in the region Sarinah, Central Jakarta. Police of the Republic of Indonesia agrees that confession, calling Bahrun Naim as a brain attack killed seven people and wounded 31 others it. Naim is now located in the city of Raqqa, Syria, became one of the leaders of militant command caliphate.

terrorist attack area
a trader the right to sell his wares in the area of terrorist attacks

Terror in Sarinah is the prime ISIS attacks in Indonesia, after a few times before they just send the media propaganda bluff. The methods and tactics of execution of terror in the heart of the capital yesterday admitted observer has never happened in the history in the country.

After reform Indonesia has experienced several terrorist incidents, but the tactics of bombings targeting the perpetrators usually do as much as possible victims. Type of indiscriminate attacks that instance occurred on October 12, 2002 when a bomb exploded in Kuta, killing 202 people, followed a car bomb at the JW Marriot on August 5, 2003. Then the following year, on September 9, a car explosion rocked the Australian embassy killed nine people ,

Attacks on Sarinah well as major acts of terror in half a decade, after the last time occurred in 2009 when JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton bombed. If conclude, almost all acts of terror in Indonesia after the reforms carried Al Qaeda network and the Jemaah Islamiyah.

One observer terrorism contacted by Reuters on Thursday (14/1), believes states in Sarinah attacks carried out by people who are completely new. Recruiters remain longer figure in the arena of radicalism in the country, but the executor of the field instead of a figure with a powerful capability.

“The low number of dead in the incident Sarinah indicating that militants involved did not acquire weapons and training,” he said.

residents ambled though there is a terrorist
residents saw a terrorist in action
residents saw a terrorist in action

Other indicators which show the attack carried out by militants in Sarinah amateur, visible from the failure of some actors get into complex building beside Skyline Sarinah mall. Based on the chronology presented apparatus, offenders who previously had to blow up a police station was denied entry at the entrance of the building because they were considered suspicious bag.

Nevertheless, a terrorism expert Sidney Jones, confirmed the police explanation that Bahrun Naim likely designer Sarinah attack. Already there were indications there will be an attack on the social networking monitoring the militants.

“The last six months we saw an increase in the discussion of terrorism in Indonesia,” said Jones.

Different than the group movement Santoso or JI reactive Indonesian government, in an attack yesterday Sarinah the only motive of the perpetrator is the ISIS command. That is, an attack on Sarinah was designed from the headquarters of the caliphate.

“In the discussion of the militants, there is no indication they respond to the policy within the country. This shows Indonesian jihadists are moving very committed to running the ISIS agenda,” explained Jones.

Reuters never contacted Naim last November through a channel telegram, called for social networking militants encrypted code. When interviewed by the news agency, the man from Solo, Central Java is justified are designing ‘concert’ alias acts of terror in Indonesia.

Naim claims in Indonesia there are enough candidates militants who are willing to die for the cause Daulah Islamiyah. “Just takes the right time to act,” Naim said at the time.

In Indonesia, the new Ansharut Daulah Islamiyah and Mujahidin Group Santoso who openly pledged to ISIS. From the study of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, estimated that more than 1,000 active sympathizers ISIS in the country.