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Russian Ambassador Shot at Gallery in Ankara Turkey

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was killed after being shot when addressing an Art Gallery, City of Ankara. Karlov shooter neatly dressed in a black suit.

He stood behind Karlov who then immediately turned his gun on the body Karlov. The perpetrator is known to be a policeman in Turkey.

After the shooting, the perpetrators shouted “Do not forget Allepo ‘.

According to a video circulating, visible when it Karlov shot in the middle of his speech. A moment later, there was a scream ‘Do not forget Allepo. Do not forget Syria! ‘ coming out of the mouth of a black-suited man neat tidy clutching a pistol in his hand.

The gunman was later seen pacing and screaming while holding a gun in one hand and waving the other in the air. Other footage showed four people, including the suspected ambassador, lying on the floor.

To note, Karlov (62), a veteran diplomat who became Soviet Ambassador (Russia at that time) to North Korea in the 1980s. In 1991, he became Russian ambassador to South Korea, and again became ambassador to North Korea in 2001 Karlov into Russian Ambassador to Turkey since July 2013.

The following Video Moment When Russian Ambassador Shot at Gallery in Ankara Turkey:

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