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WikiLeaks: “There Is No US Election’ just Conspiring

Site leaked secret documents WikiLeaks on Thursday threw a series of tweets on the Twitter social media as saying the United States this year’s elections just engineering.

WikiLeaks revealed that statement in response to the response of a blogger named Dan Gillmor pointed at it as a partisan political sites in the American election.

“Are you not a fan of sites that reveal true information about corrupt power that would rule later on Jan. 20?” Gillmor asked WikiLeaks, as reported by the Daily Caller on Friday (20/10).

Site founded by Julian Asange said then American elections was clear just engineering.

“Election what? It was clear from the beginning who will win. It’s just an exercise of political consolidation.”

WikiLeaks recently leaked information often disparaging Democratic Party and candidate Hillary Clinton. Last July’s WikiLeaks leaked thousands of e-mail from the Democratic National Committee.

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